The Unofficial Good Guys

Welcome to our online store!  We stock sealed packs from many of our favorite breeders as well as entire collections such as SoFem, Omega Alpha, OG Rebel Seed Co., CannaFamSeeds, and other breeders and companies you may also recognize. We are constantly adding new gear so that we can expand on the options you'll find here today. Thanks for checking us out and Be Well!!

Why Choose Us?

We are the creators of CannaFamSeeds, a charity-based genetics collective that uses the proceeds from sales to cover treatments for veterans and low-income families and individuals across the country negatively affected by Prohibition. We founded The Unofficial Good Guys in 2016 as a means to provide for our own families and to connect all of you to top-shelf gear at a fair price from some of your favorite companies and breeders.

We have always been very turned off by the dishonesty within the industry and the exploitation of hard working folks by people who just see this industry as a way to step on artists to make quick money. We have discovered over the years that there are many companies that will take payments and then not ship the orders, or make claims that they cannot back up, which makes many of us hesitant to order from other companies the future. Our goal is to provide a safe place to find a variety of gear at a fair price.

For pictures, descriptions, and linage information or any other questions, email us at and please allow up to 3-5 days or less for a reply during farming season. Thank you for checking us out and let us know if you need any help!

About Us

Wuest Fam,


We are a hardworking family of six out of Detroit, MI and for the last few years we've been putting down roots in the Upper Peninsula, having found some beautiful farmland in the country here. We have been working hard together for 8 years now to create something beautiful from the ground up. 

Our oldest two of our four children both need to use oils for multiple conditions including Autism, Night Terrors, OCD, seizures, and convulsions. We were also able to save our own lives and become better people and better parents because of safe access to holistic medicines. We  feel that collecting, preserving, and sharing genetics and knowledge is a great responsibility for us, as this plant has done so much to protect us.

Feel free to contact us anytime with any thoughts or questions! Always here for you!


Detroit/Upper Peninsula, MI

To pay by money order or to send documents or donations: PO Box 682 Mount Clemens, MI 48046